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With a soft spot for modern architecture and high demand for interior design, the ANAX architects studio has created from scratch this minimalist apartment with a contemporary twist. 

The ceiling lamp with a diameter of 4,5 meters, which was specifically designed and tailor made for this project by the ANAX ARCHITECTS studio, is a stunning source of ambient illumination, merging both seamless functionality and artful craft. Additionally, the earth toned color choices along with contemporary materials add a realistic, natural feel in the space along with a sense of openness. Innovative techniques like microcement,  a decorative coating, stand out achieving a smooth, shape and contoured outcome. 

The blend of metal, wood, warm and contemporary characteristics match with handcrafted and original designs, offering all the pleasures and comfort in a modern looking establishment.



Hochstraße 25
90429 Nürnberg


+49 1768 833223

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