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Linear Elegance


In this restaurant, all the constructional and ambiance elements come together and create an Art Deco look and feel. Elegant and robust, with its distinctive aura of style and Gatsby sophistication, this interior space has something of a timeless appeal.

The contemporary restaurant highlights darker but still neutral tones with a statement chandelier and further design lighting pieces. This allows for a more outlandish character that brings an unparalleled flair of glamor, becoming the focal point, while surely presenting all the timeless allure and grandiosity one is looking for.  Additionally, the ANAX architects studio fuses haute couture Jean Paul Gaultier upholstery with harmonious geometry in architecture and interior design creating an exquisite ambience of affluence.

The lighting design grants an unmatched sense of elegance and contemporaneity. The clean lines along with the playful twist of the circular patterns in furniture and architecture is soothing, stimulating, and indisputably stylish evoking a welcoming character for the visitor. 



Hochstraße 25
90429 Nürnberg


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