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Dark and intimate


The ANAX architect studio curates a style that many really love and cherish: the rough, urban Berlin style. A quite particular style, influenced by East Germany, that sets it apart from the other styles. 

In this space there is a vivid interchangeable pattern on the surfaces and the materials are combined with so many construction details in such a refined way that enhances the open space and the contemporary touch. Raw brick walls and concrete, factory lamps, graffitis and solid materials such as marble, solid wood and metal ceiling rails lead to a unique mix of history, design, and patina that feels specific to urban design. The combination of raw materials with elegant vintage details provides the balance and depth needed, while keeping things visually interesting.

Additionally, the rough constructional elements and textures above showcase an atmospheric ambiance which is also a big part of this interior design project, achieved meticulously with the furniture choices. 



Hochstraße 25
90429 Nürnberg


+49 1768 833223

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