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An built-up garden


Going beyond the typical industrial setting, this space is fully decorated with lots of plants, offering a refreshing twist, while allowing visitors to breathe and relax in a hip interior. Moreover, the urban garden element establishes an ambient atmosphere, while injecting a more natural and organic appeal.

The contemporary form of the space is mainly attributed to the bold color and material contrasts, as well as to the geometric patterns. The palette of materials used is enriched by materials such as wood and metal, while visible concrete is used on the surfaces of the walls and ceiling. For example, parts of the wall are concrete coated with cementitious decorative techniques combined with built-in lamps. 

The architectural design is oriented towards a spacious site, with many technical, but subtle details that add to the general atmosphere. For this reason, the materials are meticulously selected to attribute a commercial, but also artisan style, creating eventually an intimate vibe.



Hochstraße 25
90429 Nürnberg


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